How to Design PC Wallpapers


Today, with the help of this video, we are going to teach you how to make your own desktop wallpaper, whether that’s for your laptop, PC, or your MAC.

It’s quite easy actually. First you have to find the resolution of your screen.

  • Right click on your desktop and click on screen resolution or display settings.
  • Go to advanced display settings, and then you will find the resolution.

The size of your picture needs to coincide with the size of your desktop so that your picture will not looked stretched.

  • Then go to Adobe Photoshop and type in the resolution in the New File dialogue box.
  • Then go to your search engine, and type in the wallpaper type you want. Examples of keywords are: “Nature wallpaper” “Disney wallpaper” “Minimalist wallpaper”
  • You can even choose to combine two wallpapers in one by clicking the blending options in the layer box in Photoshop. We recommend using the overlay of soft light or color.
  • Then you can add a light text if it’s a dark background, or a dark text if it’s dark background. This will make your wallpaper look really legit. You can add a motivational quote, or even just a single word to motivate you, like “breathe” or “dream”
  • You can choose to download free fonts in the internet. You can go to

There you have it, you have a wallpaper.

For a really nice clean look, you have to use high resolution pictures. This is for best results. You may also take your DSLR camera and shoot some high-res photos yourself. It’s also advisable to use stock photos with a similar or even higher resolution.

You have to steer clear from photos that have blurs and watermarks.

Another great piece of advice is to save the file as a PNG and not a JPEG. This will retain the pixel quality of the image greatly.