How to Design iPhone Wallpapers


Making sure your wallpaper looks good is like making sure your face looks good when you go out to face the day. Facade matters. You can use your web browser, or you can use a cellphone application to find a wallpaper then make it yourself.

  • First is you have to pick your favorite wallpaper color

The most simple wallpaper you can make from an app is just one big solid color. However, you can do so much more with this solid color than you may think. It’s a great look if you like minimalist type backgrounds.

  • You can also opt for a picture for your phone background

If a solid color is just too basic for your tastes, why not go for a picture from your photo gallery?

You can choose any picture in your gallery, including other pre-set wallpaper images that you can adjust. Then just put a texture overlay to make it look blurry. And there you have it.

  • ¬†You can also choose to make your own custom wallpaper

Wallpaper apps are very simple. It doesn’t really have much options when it comes to tweaking. However, with so little options, you can already have so many results. You can create your own picture with your own signature style in it. You can have a simple blurred image then a white text overlay. You can choose to make it look beautiful by making it look hipster.