The smartphones brands for you this 2017 given a high rating

Smartphones will be in demand gadget every year. For those who want to be up to date on their gadgets they regularly buy one. They are fascinated by the new features the smartphones have and can do. This will be a guide on those who wants to buy smartphones in this year 2017. It includes Apple iPhone 7 Plus that has the good 12MP cameras. It is a colorful type of iPhone, at the side of performance, it is said to be one of the best in performance and even the battery life.

Good for vacation as it is resistant to water or the splashes and has the stereo speakers.  You will be more enticed to buy knowing the additional features that include the memory that is 32GB. The color is gold and you have the advantage to pay the product a monthly basis if you will not pay it in full. It has a retina flash feature and is an LTE Advance gadget. Another phone you can buy is OnePlus 2 Unlocked Smartphone that has also a good camera of 13MP and battery is long lasting.

Pixel XL is one phone that made by Google.  They made the features easy to use and packed it with photos and files that you can easily store in the smart storage. You will not have a problem taking unlimited photos. The battery also charges fast as the 15 minutes amount of charging can give you 7 hours of performance. It is designed in detail like 室內設計 of a house.