The 7 Basic Elements of Design

All designs are made of elements. Even a block color design is made up of many elements. You may think it’s a simple design, but there is so much more sophistication to it.

Wallpapers are like that too. They also contain elements of design. All forms of artwork do.

Let us enumerate them one by one with short explanations with the use of the infographic below.


The first element is the line. What is a line? Strictly speaking, it is a mark between to points. There are many types of lines. There is the straight line. The curvy line, the squiggly line, and so much more.

There are many uses for a line. It can be to stress something, so you underline it. It can also connect two elements to one another, thus making patterns and so much more.


The next element is color, and perhaps the most important. What’s life without color, right? If everything is monochromatic, it tends to be boring and basic. You’ve got to be more exciting than that. Color brings out the best of the elements of design. If you choose the right palette, it can really light up your screen, and even your room.

It’s also fun to play with colors. Just mixing and matching can consume your whole day.

Color is used to awaken your emotions, to put importance on certain elements, and to create interest on design.

The other design elements are texture, size, shape, space, and value. Read the infographic above for the full explanation.