Interior design feature: the 20th century icons

Everyone has their own inspirations and someone has influence on them like a family member or a friend.  In terms of a career, there are times that it is because of the influence of a family member that have that career. Like this, an idea, a passion can come from something or can be an influence of someone. Probably you know many interior designers that are famous and know their styles already. They also have an inspiration on the career they take.

Let us see some of them. It includes Elsie de Wolfe that holds the title of the first decorator that is American. Her life itself is like her style in decorations. She was given the opportunity to design well-known buildings in her time. She is also an actress and became a lady when he married. Next is Jean-Michel Frank that became a famous designer and also a decorator in Paris in the time of the 1930s. his style is not that easy to describe as he can work with a piece making it simple yet he can cover it with an elegant and luxurious finishing or cover.

Another designer is Albert Hadley that is known for his mastered style of designing with the idea or concept of being functional and also glamorous. He has the gift of determining the balance on what he do paving a way to be a designer of famous names and still staying humble. Even my classmate back in college who works in SUS鋁 admire him.