The Basic Rules of Design Explained

There are a million ways to design a wallpaper, just like there are a million ways to design a painting, or a building, or a print ad. However, there are some rules that apply in order to make the design worth looking at, and not have your audience become confused at what they see.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some beauties that are undeniable. We look at design this way. The infographic below will enlighten us to some principles of design.


First is the contrast. Your wallpaper or graphic design should not have colors that make you yawn (unless it’s an ad for a sleeping pill or something). Your colors also shouldn’t have your audience squinting at the screen, because they can’t read the text. There should be a balance of tone, value, size, shape, and direction.

Repetition is also another element you can use. When you mix and match the right way, your audience will not only appreciate it, but will really take notice of the message of the ad or graphic.


Next up is alignment. Make sure your design is aligned well, or else your audience will have to squat and bend just to read or understand your design. Go for simple, but not easy. Aim for sophistication, but not boredom.

Another thing to consider is the proximity. Make sure that your design elements are not too close to each other, and also not too far apart. This is closely linked to alignment too. If your elements are not well-balanced, your design will seem off.